Our Process

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Our process begins with a discovery phase. Through a consultative approach, we immerse ourselves in your business to develop an acute and insightful understanding of your enterprise's goals & objectives. Throughout this interactive and collaborative process, we provide ideas and recommendations to help narrow down solution possibilities. By the end of this phase, we will have prepared a preliminary cost estimate. At this time, you can decide if you want to hire Gandy Labs to develop the functional specifications for your project.
After Discovery, we begin by conducting a variety of ideation and research AND analysis activities. During this process, we analyze your competition, research your industry, further assess your technical requirements, and refine your strategy. As needed, we will create a detailed description of your project features and functionality, database designs, story boards, flowcharts, user interface prototypes, and a final estimate of project development cost and time. The finalized functional specifications will serve as a blueprint used to build out and implement your project.
As part of our creative process, we leverage a number of creative resources to address each design challenge. Here we cover all aspects of design including visual design, information design, and user interface design. During this phase, we collaborate with you to develop concepts that are strategically sound.

We gather requirements, specifications and design concepts into a cohesive framework that will serve as a blueprint during the development phase of the project. Throughout the design phase, each client is provided with at least one design concept. We then make necessary iterations in a continuous and collaborative process until the designs are finalized.

After design is completed, technical execution commences. This is the stage in which creative design is integrated with back-end functionality. Having graduate level training in project management, we keep our clients informed on the progress of their projects throughout the entire developmental process. As the finished project takes form, we conduct a series of testing rounds and usability analyses to make sure that every aspect is seamlessly integrated.
It's time to go live! Prior to launch, we setup and configure your hosting infrastructure and transfer the application from the Gandy Labs development servers to your live web server. Next, we conduct a final round of testing and coordinate all pre-launch activities with you. Upon approval of the final review, your project goes live and is published to the Internet.
Once the site is launched, the work isn't over. Through our ongoing application support and maintenance services, Gandy Labs will become an extension of your business. As your situation changes and needs arise, we will deliver. Whether it's simple content updates, bug fixes, graphic changes or functionality additions, Gandy Labs' ongoing maintenance team will provide the support you need.